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invalid variable name

Posted: 2007-04-25 19:03:31
by credneb
Continuing learning the new macro language and therefore Perl, the first part of an effort has the variable $vprior, which causes no complaint until the last time it appears. NWP returns the error "invalid variable name on line 10"

##cInsert Prior Right Paragraph Number##

$vprior = Read Clipboard cvPrior #get counter
$pasteStr = 'undefined'

Begin Perl #initialize counter if need be
if ($vprior == 0) {
$vprior = 1;
} else {
$vprior += 1; #<<<<<<HERE

What is wrong? Perl doesn't complain in the first If, so it apparently considers the variable name valid at that point.

Changing this line to

$vprior = $vprior + 1

brings a new complaint about an invalid assignment operator.

The named clipboard exists, and whether a value is preassigned to the clipboard or not, the same thing happens.

I am experimenting trying to use named clipboards to store variables and make them persistent until global variables come along.

Cliff Bender

Posted: 2007-04-25 21:44:14
by martin
This is actually a few bugs teaming up to confuse you. The most critical one is that some of the macro commands don't like to have a comment on the same line. Eg: remove the comments "get counter" and "initialize counter if need be".

Also, for this line you probably meant to use a string literal:

Code: Select all

$vprior = Read Clipboard "cvPrior"

Posted: 2007-04-26 06:17:45
by credneb
Ah! Thank you very much for the help (and the responses to my other posts).

Cliff Bender