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Problems with Menu Selctions (Sort & Highlight)

Posted: 2007-07-13 16:58:52
by rcgordon
I have not manged to set a macro line for these menu items:

Sort Paragraphs:Ascending (A-Z)
I've tried both a dash and an en dash (option-hyphen), but neither works.


What's the secret?

Perhaps there should be a numeric index option for choosing menu items for macro use.

Posted: 2007-07-13 17:19:04
by martin
If you choose to use a menu path, you must use a full path, eg: the sorting menus must include "Edit". Either of these commands should do:

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Ascending (A-Z)
Edit:Sort Paragraphs:Ascending (A-Z)
Probably it would be good if we allowed for partial paths when menu differentiation is required but the full path is cumbersome.

I didn't have any trouble with the highlighters... try these:

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As for the suggestion about using menu indexes, that's no good, since menus can shift around as we add features.

Posted: 2007-07-13 17:52:47
by rcgordon
Thanks. I just hadn't understood that it's either all or none as far as setting the menu path.