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Bookends NWP Scan a doc: error

Posted: 2007-10-21 04:24:36
by Sylphe

I use NWP and Bookens 10. I am trying to use the NWP macro for Bookends, but receive this message when I launch it. In French: Erreur à la ligne 1 de la macro "Script non enregistré". Chemin d'accès à l'objet du menu inconnu: Edit: Select All".
??? In English translation : Error at the 1 line of the macro: "script non saved". Access to menu object unknown: Edit:Select All".

Can anyone help me? I know anything about macro and absolutely need this to work.

Thank you

Posted: 2007-10-21 12:22:01
by mrennie
My guess would be that the macro does not work because it is written in English while the application is in French. The error message tells you that the macro cannot perform "Edit : Select All", and that command is indeed not in the French version of Nisus Writer Pro. Instead, you will need to modify the macro (click on Macro>Open Macro Folder, then open the macro) by replacing "Edit : Select All" with "Édition : Tout sélectionner".

Keep in mind that this is only a guess, and make sure to try this modification on a copy of the macro first; if it still doesn't work. post back, and I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me will take over.

Posted: 2007-10-22 04:33:33
by Sylphe
Thank you very much for your advises... I tried it, and it seems to be better, but there is another problem. I modified the macro with french words, all seems to work except at the end: Bookends scans, and is making formatting, but when a new doc must be open with the scanned references, I get this message:
Erreur à la ligne 1 de la macro "Script non enregistré": Chemin d'accès à l'objet du menu inconnu... so as before "way to objetc menu unknown", but now with:
I thought to do the same as before, but I do not have this text in the macro... where could it be?

Posted: 2007-10-22 04:36:16
by Sylphe
Just having posted the last message, I have tried to complete the macro with french language... It seems to work!
I always have the same error message (File:New and Edit:Paste/paste), but I get a new doc with the scanned references. It is my first macro...
Thank very much for you kind help!

Now I would like to avoid this eror message, so if you have an idea?

Posted: 2007-10-22 06:31:58
by mrennie
I'm not familiar with the Bookends macro, but is there any kind of reference to "File:New" and "Edit:Paste/paste" in the macro? I guess there must be, and once again, this error message is caused by the fact that the macro is in English while the application is in French. Open the macro, then change "File:New" to "Fichier:Nouveau", and "Edit:Paste/paste" to "Édition:Coller/coller". Hope this helps!

Posted: 2007-10-22 13:03:54
by martin
The untranslated menu commands may be inside the Bookends application itself. If I understand the situation correctly, you've translated this macro that comes with Bookends:

Code: Select all

tell application "Nisus Writer Pro"
	Do Menu Macro with macro "Edit:Select All"
	Do Menu Macro with macro "Edit:Copy:Copy"
	Do Menu Macro with macro "Edit:Select All"
end tell

tell application ""
end tell
Is that right? If so, I would guess the "New" and "Paste" menu commands are triggered by the action "ScanNWE". I would contact the Bookends people and see if there's anything to be done about it.

Posted: 2007-10-22 23:36:33
by Sylphe
Yes that exactly what I've done. I also will see what can be done on the Bookends forum, and keep you informed.
Many thanks

Posted: 2007-10-23 23:44:58
by Sylphe

This is from Bookends forum:

Code: Select all

Indeed, Bookends is sending the English commands to NW that are causing it to complain on a French system. I'm afraid that this is unavoidable. However, please note two things. First, even though the paste might not be completed, the scanned paper will still be in the clipboard, so you can paste it yourself into a NW document. Second, the scan macro is a modest convenience only. It's exactly equivalent to scanning the saved NW file from within Bookends (Scan a Doc), so you can use that instead
No final solution for the macro, then. But this way of doing is well, and the translated macro works, even with complains. Thank you for your help.

Re: Bookends NWP Scan a doc: error

Posted: 2008-12-16 14:57:18
by gnoli
The same message and the failure of the scan happens with the Italian MacOS. I think that would be very useful solve the problem for the rest of us that do not use English as a primary language. :?