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A book About Perl ?

Posted: 2007-12-07 03:14:49
by Simon Knight
I have just purchased NWP and I think that I might wish to create some scripts (Applescript, Macro or Perl) sometime. I know nothing of Perl but notice that Martin uses it in some of his scripts. Amazon list many books about Perl so which should I buy?


Posted: 2007-12-07 13:40:04
by martin
I don't have any book recommendations, but before you buy anything you might want to be sure that Perl is right for you. The language has a pretty steep learning curve (especially at the start) and if you're not interested in doing some dirty programming, then it might be more trouble than it's worth. I'd suggest you google around for introductions to Perl and see if it's really something you want to invest in.

Posted: 2007-12-07 14:19:46
by dshan
Martin's right, Perl's not something you pick up in an afternoon, particularly if you have no previous programming experience (if that's the case I strongly advise you to start with something simpler). However, it is useful to know at least something about it as it's so popular and is used in so many contexts outside just Nisus.

Try, they have several tutorials and lists of useful books and other info on the subject.