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Hebrew/Arabic in pargentheses

Posted: 2008-09-18 00:47:24
by Ruth
I often write (usually in translated quotations) a word in Hebrew or Arabic in parentheses. If this occurs before the end of a sentence and then comes a dot followed by a note number (usually the reference to the quotation) then a mess results. I have not found a way to overcome this problem.

Re: Hebrew/Arabic in pargentheses

Posted: 2008-09-18 02:20:48
by Kino
Well, something odd occurs when you insert a footnote/endnote just after ")" or "." of the following text:

Left to Right Text (Hebrew or Arabic words).

I'm not very sure but it may be a bug. A workaround is to insert a Left to Right Marker before inserting a footnote/endnote. An easy way to do so would be to use the following macro instead of Footnote command.

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Menu ':Insert:Directionality Marker:Left to Right Marker'
Menu ':Insert:Footnote'