Strikethrough with Color

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Bob Stern
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Strikethrough with Color

Post by Bob Stern » 2010-01-04 00:50:17

Is it possible for a macro to apply the strikethrough attribute to selected text so that the strikethrough has a desired color such as red?

I know I can define a character style that includes a red strikethrough, but I'd prefer to apply it as a text attribute so that I will not override the existing character style of the selected text.

p.s. Happy New Year, Martin!

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Re: Strikethrough with Color

Post by martin » 2010-01-04 13:59:05

Happy New Year to you too Bob! 8)

Unfortunately there's no supported way for macros to modify either the underline or strikethrough colors. One might be able to hack together something that parses raw RTF codes to add the desired coloring, but I wouldn't recommend it. I'll file enhancement requests to the macro language.

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