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Find & replace, find text with Paragraph Shading

Posted: 2013-01-12 11:45:12
by Ignaceb
I'm using an Applescript to put all emails of a "dossier" in a rtf file.
One "dossier" can have thousands of pages of email. The rtf text has to be cleaned: multiple returns, spaces, ... Nisus seams to be perfect therefore.
The rtf output is a continuous file. I want to change this: there has to be a pagebreak at the start of each email.
The rtf output formats the header of each mail in bold + Paragraph Shading color CCCCCC (Format, Background Color, Show Background Colors, Color Palettes, Web Safe Colors, a light gray called CCCCCC).
How can I write a macro command:
Find and replace,
find "return" + text string 'From:' in bold + Paragraph Shading CCCCCC
replace "page break" + same text string en paragraph shading

Re: Find & replace, find text with Paragraph Shading

Posted: 2013-01-15 19:52:05
by phspaelti
Hello Ignaceb,

Let me first make the following suggestions:

On your Find expression let me suggest the following:
  • Use "Start of Paragraph" (This can be found in the "gear" menu under "Special Positions")
  • Instead of repeating the Find express in the Replace expression use "Followed By()" (This can be found under "Match")
So your Find and Replace window should look like this:

Now if you want to keep this as a macro you can save it using the "Macroize" feature under the gear menu.