copying a formatted table (cont...) Join docs macros

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copying a formatted table (cont...) Join docs macros

Post by PDarbyshire » 2013-09-15 15:58:47

Hi Forum,

I've been trying t think literally :-) about how to fix this problem of not being alb to copy a formatted table from an rtf doc into Nisus WP....

I found the 'Macros' section (and I should say I've never used a macro before for anything) and there was one for "joining files".

Great, I thought, I'll join this smaller tables file into my bigger file and that will get the tables in.

This went well, BUT there was no option that I could see for getting tabled doc at the END of the main doc. The only option offered before clicking OK was tables at the beginning.

So, i did this and yes, the tables are now in the main doc but at the beginning and guess what?? Yes, I can't copy and paste or move these to the end of the doc. (is there a way to move pages in Nisus the way you can in mac Pages with the thumbnail view at the sidebar?
Question is still about how to copy and paste while retaining formatting and styles, for a table or even text and 2 is there a way in the Join Docs macro to say which doc should be first and second?

Many thanks for any help

Cheers and Best Wishes,


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Re: copying a formatted table (cont...) Join docs macros

Post by martin » 2013-09-20 16:44:09

I don't think you'll need a macro to solve the problem you've had with pasting tables. It's certainly possible to do this with a macro, but totally unnecessary. Please see my reply in your other thread.

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