Macro to set row height of table

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Macro to set row height of table

Post by phspaelti » 2014-04-10 04:26:23

I am posting here a macro to set the row heights of all the rows in a table. Note that Nisus treats such a setting as a minimum height, so if the content does not fit it will still expand the row. This also makes it a bit different from using the balance row height feature.
Set Row Height All.nwm
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Re: Macro to set row height of table

Post by NisusUser » 2014-04-10 04:35:16

Thank you, Philip, for all your help. For the record and to help out anyone else who may stop by wanting these macros, I'm posting the other two you did also. Best I can tell they all work well on 2.0.7.
Set Row Height one by one 2014-04-10 Philip.nwm
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Resize selected table graphics.nwm
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