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Author:  dmorgan [ 2014-11-22 16:05:16 ]
Post subject:  clip selection as plain text

This is a macro to convert selection to plain text and clip it to a dedicated clipboard. This is useful to keep .rtf cruft from messing up pasted code. I ran into this when Xcode was choking on typographers quotations marks, as an example. File attached.

File comment: clips selection as plain text
clipPlain.nwm [20.24 KiB]
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Author:  Groucho [ 2014-12-02 09:14:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: clip selection as plain text

Thank you very much, dmorgan!

Greetings, Henry.

Author:  loulesko [ 2014-12-04 23:47:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: clip selection as plain text

Hi there, to add to the great work that dmorgan did, I'm posting a macro that will copy the entire document as plain text to the system clipboard. It will also put in double carriage returns between paragraphs if necessary.


Copy-as-Plain-Text.nwm [9.36 KiB]
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