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cmd-F13 oddity

Posted: 2015-03-18 09:04:03
by credneb
pre-v2.1 a macro was assigned the shortcut cmd-F13 (function key), which appeared in the menu keys preference pane with the squiggly command key character followed by "F13". Another macro was/is assigned simply F13.This appearance carried over to v2.1.

However, the behavior changed. Whenever I key cmd-F13, a dialog comes up saying that a macro was already in progress and Nisus can't run 2 at once, what to do. There's only one macro called and running.

Obviously a problem. Eventually I re-assign cmd-F13 to the same macro in the preferences pane, but it displays with the cmd character and 2 gremlins as shown in the screen shot.

[attachment=0]cmd function key.png[/attachment]

The behavior is corrected (no more dlg box), but there is no way to know what key combo is actually assigned.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a minor bug?

Re: cmd-F13 oddity

Posted: 2015-03-18 15:04:51
by martin
I've been able to reproduce the keyboard shortcut display problem, where Command + F13 shows using the ugly Unicode gremlins. I'll file that as something to fix, thank you, though it should be harmless.

However, I could not reproduce the error where NWP warns you about running two macros. I suspect that somehow both F13 shortcuts were triggered simultaneously, though I don't understand how that could happen. If you are still seeing that problem, please let me know.

Re: cmd-F13 oddity

Posted: 2015-03-19 09:15:13
by credneb
After changing to the shortcut with the gremlins displayed, both macros behave as expected.

I wondered if F13 was being triggered at the same time as cmd-F13 (without the gremlins), but dunno.