Problem changing table's font size

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Problem changing table's font size

Post by writerhoward »

I created a table with 10 rows and inserted a paragraph of text into each row. The text's font was Times New Roman and its font size was 12 point. I selected the whole table and changed the font size to 13 point. A few of the rows remained at 12 point.

Anyone know why that could happen?

I am using v. 3.0.1.

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Re: Problem changing table's font size

Post by martin »

I just tried what you described and it appears to work correctly. Selecting an entire table and adjusting the font size correctly changed the font size for all cells in the table.

One quick question: how exactly did you change the font size? If you used the up/down arrow "stepper" buttons then you were maybe confused by an unexpected behavior. The up/down buttons don't necessarily enforce a consistent font size; they merely increase or decrease the existing font size. For example, if you select text that has mixed font sizes, say 12pt and 14pt, and click the up arrow button once, you will have text that's 13pt and 15pt respectively.

If you want to apply an absolute font size to a larger text selection you should either:

1. Use the menu Format > Size, or:
2. Click into the font size field in the Character palette and type a new font size.
(or just press the Enter or Return key to consistently enforce the existing font size).

I hope that helps. If you still have troubles or questions please let us know.

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