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Two instances (windows) of the same file

Posted: 2019-04-13 18:48:54
by jijja
In Nisus, we can split a window to edit a file in two places. In MS Word, one can open a new window for a file, allowing editing of a file in two places, but with an entire page viewed at the same time, side by side, or three windows or more, and depending upon your screen space, multiple parts of the file can be edited at once.

Sadly for me, to edit a complex document I often need to open at least two instances of a document for editing. Therefore, Nisus, at this time, cannot fully replace MS Word (for me). I have submitted a feature request for this, and I am posting this in the hope that others will so so as well. Perhaps this is difficult to implement, and that is why Nisus does not provide it, or perhaps there is insufficient interest.

I hope others will request this feature and save me from having to purchase yet another Word upgrade when my current 32 bit (2011) version finally breaks.