Table Format for Sort by date?

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Re: Table Format for Sort by date?

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adryan wrote:
2019-09-02 23:00:43
G'day, wF et al

It sorts Tables for me, without any error messages.

Are you using NWP 3.0.3? That command is definitely there in the Edit hierarchical menu.

I'm using 2.1.10 (because I didn't like how v. 3.0 loaded large documents).

So we can put it down to that, I'll suppose.

But I'm curious what you mean by "That command". Does v3.0.3 have a "Sort By Date" in the Edit menu?
Or do you mean it has a "Sort Table" in the Edit menu?

But even so, now I realise I don't know how you're using your "Sort By Date US" macro; are you also using a command that's in the Edit menu? And if so, at what point?


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Re: Table Format for Sort by date?

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G'day, wF et al

I was referring to the command, Edit:Transform Paragraphs:Sort Ascending (A-Z), which your version of NWP baulked at.

If you open my Sort by Date US macro, you will see that it uses two Sort commands from the main hierarchical menu: one from the Edit menu and one from the Table menu. The stuff preceding those commands converts dates to ISO format, and the stuff after them converts dates back to the original format (more or less — see the comments in the macro).

The reason we want ISO-formatted dates is that sorting algorithms use ASCII or Unicode character designations, and a set of ISO-formatted dates sorted thus also turns out to be sorted chronologically, which is not the case with dates formatted with (for example) names of months. You see a similar mechanism at work in the Finder if you prefix filenames with ISO-formatted dates.

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