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Multiple words selected for spelling / thesaurus

Posted: 2019-12-24 02:31:11
by groovytwo
Hello Nisus,

I am using NWP 3 to write documentss in English and Vietnamese.

One suggestion I have is regarding selecting multiple words for the dictionary in the Language Palette.

In the Vietnamese language some words appear as two words to a English speaker (with a space in between).
For example, the word "cải thiện" is one word. Or "tập trung"... etc.

However, in the Language Palette I cannot select both parts to get the definition. Under the Spelling / Thesaurus, it is listed as disabled. Please see screenshot.

Could you please add functionality so that a highlighted portion of text could be cross-referenced to a word. This way I could select both "words" together, and hopefully see a definition.