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one to two columns

Posted: 2020-05-27 23:50:18
by useeger
Hello together,
I am sure that somebody here on the forum has an advice how to transform a list from one to two columns. I have in a document a section that looks like

Entry A
Entry B
Entry C
Entry D
Entry E

The entries are alphabetically sorted and short. From time to time there comes a new entry and now my list became longer than one page. Therefore a want to make two columns so that it fits on one page again. It should look like

Entry A     Entry L
Entry B     Entry M
Entry C     Entry N
Entry D     Entry O
Entry E     Entry P
etc.          etc.

How can I transform the original list? It should be possible to add in the future additional entries in alphabetic order without writing the list completely new. The headline should be not in the header of the page because there exists already another one.

Thanks for help in advance

Re: one to two columns

Posted: 2020-05-28 00:07:19
by adryan
G’day, Ulrich et al

I would put the whole thing in two Sections. “HEADLINE” would be centrally aligned in one single-column Section. The list would appear in a separate two-column Section.

Hope this helps.


Re: one to two columns

Posted: 2020-05-28 04:16:57
by useeger
Thanks, Adrian,

yes, it's the perfect solution for my problem.