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Copy/Paste Disabled in Table

Posted: 2020-05-30 16:43:48
by hatchmo
I open a document containing a 2-page table.
The first time I copy the contents of any cell, the copy works.
The first time I paste into any cell, the paste works.
Thereafter, all the menu items for copy and for paste are grayed out. Copy and paste become impossible. Undo still works.

The document file is not corrupted, because it works just fine on a different computer.
Both computers are running the same macOS (10.14.6) and the same Nisus Writer Pro (3.0.4).
The problem computer is a 2018 iMac. The other is a 2018 Mac Mini.
I have restarted the iMac several times. After the restart, I launch Nisus Writer Pro with no other application running.
I have deleted Nisus Writer and all of its associated files, then reinstalled Nisus Writer.
The problem remains.
Any ideas?

Re: Copy/Paste Disabled in Table

Posted: 2020-05-30 17:23:29
by adryan
G’day, Al et al

This will happen if you don’t actually have something selected. It’s not enough just to position the cursor in a Table Cell: you have to select its contents as well. Then the Copy commands in the Edit menu should no longer be grayed out.

If this isn’t the solution, I’m not sure what else could be happening. In my testing, things worked fine.


Re: Copy/Paste Disabled in Table

Posted: 2020-05-30 21:40:36
by hatchmo
Yup. In my testing everything is OK, too.
Except on the one iMac with a fresh install of Nisus Writer Pro.
The same document saved by NWP as a .doc file works just fine in Microsoft Word on the same iMac.
It's the combination of NWP and something else that's going on.