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Style Superimposition

Post by adryan »

G'day, all

Feature request: Allow Styles to be superimposed on one another.

This would avoid the need to create multiple versions of a Style via the "Based on" facility to suit as many underlying Styles as are required in a document.

Perhaps it could be achieved by adding "Existing Paragraph Style" to the options in the "Based on" menu.

Ideally, Styles would be stacked and a command to "Remove Last Applied Style" provided.

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Re: Style Superimposition

Post by martin »

I agree that this would be a very powerful feature for users that really make use of styles. Aside from just enforcing combined text formatting and cleaner stylesheets, which in itself would be very useful, this would also enable many other kinds of automated workflows. I'll certainly record your interest in this feature, thanks Adrian!

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Re: Style Superimposition

Post by NisusUser »

Sounds like a good idea. I use styles extensively.

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