Possible to apply color/highlight within Navigator TOC?

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Possible to apply color/highlight within Navigator TOC?

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I'm really enjoying using the Navigator/TOC pane while using Nisus. I'm just curious if it's possible to apply highlight or background color to the TOC entries within Navigator pane? Beyond the slight indents between different levels of headers, it would be really cool to be able to use colors to help simplify the list to my eye.

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Re: Possible to apply color/highlight within Navigator TOC?

Post by Vanceone »

It doesn't appear to be possible, at least in my limited testing.

You CAN adjust all of the colors in the navigator/TOC pane, but unfortunately it only appears to be a global setting--all of the entries are in the same color.

Since it's an appearance setting, that setting overrides whatever text attributes you have given to the actual text.

By the same token, things like bold, italic, etc also are not reflected in the Navigator. Nor is font size.

However, the case does come through. Thus, you could for instance have all of Heading I be all caps, Heading level II be small caps, then a Capitalized case, and so forth. Use a consistent system like that and you might get enough "at a glance" contrast.

Then, right before you print or are done, change the stle to be what you actually want: Capitalized Small caps for instance.

Best advice I have.

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