NWP 3 High CPU useage File Converter

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NWP 3 High CPU useage File Converter

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Evening all,
I've just installed my Crucial SSD containing NWP into a newly acquired Mac Pro 5.1 with a quad core 2.66 processor and 48Gb RAM. Activity Monitor reports 53% CPU useage by Nisus File Converter, which Etrecheck highlights as a major fault. This happens even when NWP is not running.

I am having other issues with the computer, principally intermittent kernel panics on startup, which is why I ran the scan. Could it be a fault with my system, or does anyone have any other suggestions?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: NWP 3 High CPU useage File Converter

Post by martin »

I'm sorry that the Nisus File Converter is using high CPU on your Mac. That's a bug in Nisus Writer that we're tracking down. We'll need to fix it for a software update. In the meantime you can simply "force quit" the converter. That's completely safe and Nisus Writer will restart it automatically if needed.

If you encounter this nuisance a lot, you can adjust your Nisus Writer "Advanced" preferences to prevent the converter from being started at launch. Nisus Writer will instead only start the converter on demand, eg: when you try to open a DOCX file.

Good luck solving your kernel panics! That's almost certainly unrelated to your troubles with Nisus Writer's converter.

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