Spelling check for the Russian language

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Spelling check for the Russian language

Post by MaksimSmirnov »

Downloads trial version nisus writer pro, but I can’t figure out how to enable spelling check for the Russian language.
Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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Re: Spelling check for the Russian language

Post by martin »

Hello! And thanks for trying Nisus Writer Pro. We already replied to your private email inquiry yesterday, but I'll post a reply here too, in case anyone else has the same question in the future.

Spellchecking in Nisus Writer is controlled through our language system. We treat language like other kinds of text formatting, eg: fonts. That means you can mark one paragraph in English, but another paragraph in Russian. This actually works at whatever level you like, not just whole paragraphs. So you could (for example) have a whole sentence in Russian, but then a single German word inside it.

Once you apply the correct languages to your text, spellchecking is handled automatically. That is, each language has its own spelling dictionary which Nisus Writer consults automatically. You can configure this in our Language preferences: select a language from the list on the left, and then choose the best spelling dictionary from the settings on the right.

You might read these FAQs for more details:

What are language-sensitive options?
How do I write in another language?

I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any more questions

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