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NWE license puzzle

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In 2005, I bought a Family Pack, for using NWE on each of the 3 Macs in my household. So far, so good. But now, this:
On my main machine, I have set up a special, alternative (ie. non-Main) account that I would like to use when I need to concentrate solely on writing - I have disabled the browser and mail and other distractors, there. But when I launch NWE in that new account, I get the box asking for license and inviting me to "buy now."
Is it not possible to have two accounts on a single machine (or more, even - say, one just for use by a young child) and have both of those accounts able to use NWE? Do I need to log out of the Main account to use my alternative one?

Clearly, it is not possible for me to be writing on NWE in both accounts at once.

John in NJ

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When you set up licensing the first time, did you choose "Computer"? This will allow all user accounts on your Mac to use the same account.
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Mobile as could be...

Post by Elbrecht »

Hi -
here it goes, new license constellation: Nisus Pro running on Tiger run LaCie Mobile Drive USB 20 GB. I.e. I just take this small drive with me and can usurp any Intel Mac around. I will check the practicability next - but it works great right now here at home - quod erat demonstrandum!
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