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Demo of Nisus Pro freezing.

Posted: 2007-07-05 11:21:25
by gshaw777
Just downloaded the demo of Nisus Pro. I know that the demo is good for 15 startups and I used half of them in the first hour I had it because it kept freezing up. Is this something unique to the demo or does the Pro version that I am getting ready to buy do the same thing? Has anyone had the same problem. gshaw777

Posted: 2007-07-05 13:52:25
by martin
The demo application is exactly the same as the one you get once you buy (excluding the limited time period). If you have a problem with the demo, please submit a report using the menu Help > Send Feedback and we'll see what we can do.

Also, you are not limited to 15 startups, but rather 15 days.

Posted: 2007-07-07 02:29:00
by Okinawalion
I have downloaded the demo version as well. I must be a beta version and not a finished application. It crashes almost all the time and generally feels very, very "buggy".

Thats a shame, because I really do like the applications features, usabillity (the 2 or 3 minutes a time, its stable) and GUI. Unfortunately I can't use Nisus Writer Express instead, because this version lacks essential text formatting tools.

Guess I have to check out Mellel or Mariner Write instead.

Posted: 2007-07-07 07:34:00
by Anne Cuneo
Have you tried repairing permissions, prebinding, desk-top rebuilding? I have downloaded Nisus Pro hours after it was released, have been using it intensively, for short and long (very long even) texts, created with Nisus Express or Word, and everything works beautifully. Maybe your download got corrupted.
I don't think it's Nisus Pro - and Mellel or Mariner are really not the same (I tried them all).

Posted: 2007-07-08 02:23:26
by scottwhitlock
gshaw and okinawalion...i hope that you can figure out what is causing this, however, i'm with Anne. i have put the new version through the wringer, and it works fine. never a crash or really even a whimper.

i will say this for the wonderful people at Nisus. they are VERY responsive and will bend over backwards to help you. i owe them a beer or five if we ever meet up in a dark pub somewhere for the help they have given me. don't give up on them, yet.