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Missing feature

Post by circa58 »

I am new to this list but not to nisus though I have been unfaithfull for many years.
I started using nisus in about 1994 at about version 3x or just before version 4.0 was released. Nothing came close to nisus and I helped convert many of my friends to this wonderful application. Then sometime around the release of OS X the graphics palette disappeared and doesn't seem to have come back. To me that was one of the single most useful features that I was constantly using. Having the ability to have three layers seamlessly on a page in a standard word processing document was wonderful.
Can anyone tell me where this feature is in the current version or when it will be back?
Thank you

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Re: Missing feature

Post by Hamid »

circa58 wrote:Can anyone tell me where this feature is in the current version or when it will be back?
The Image palette is not in any of the sets in the Tooldrawer by default, but when you click an image in a NWP document, the Image palette appears automatically as a floating window. If you add the Image palette to a set in the Tooldrawer, that set will become active when you click an image in a NWP document.

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Post by greenmorpher »

Hiya circo

The graphics capability and graphics layer per se have gone. What NWE/Pro has is LinkBack, so that with graphics programs which also use LinkBack, you can copy and paste in graphics. When you double click on the graphics, the originating program is launched or brought to the front so you can edit the graphic.

If you go to nisus.com you can find information on programs with LinkBack.

The upside of this arrangement is the possibility of having a wider range of graphics available; the downside is that you can't do it all on the page where you can see the effect as you work.

The Image Palette to which Hamid refers provides some alternatives for placement of imported graphics -- "Inserted" or pasted in -- on the page and in relation to type.

You also get some sizing possibilities in the contextual menu (control-click) and theoretically you can grab a corner or side to resize the graphic or crop it on the page. In my experience, this leaves a lot to be desired. I fine the correct tool often doesn't come up when I click on the corner, for instance.

Cheers, Geoff

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Post by GBeurlen »

Hi circa58, greeenmorpher & Hamid,

I miss the graphic layer of Nisus Classic too; as cyrca said, it was one the most useful features.

And I agree with greenmorpher too: the control of graphics in NW Pro is more than poor and almost useless - unfortunately.

Simple drawings made with Canvas can be easely pasted into NW Pro documents. But resizing and or positioning...


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