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Multiple Windows to the Same File

Posted: 2007-07-06 13:58:55
by dgell
Is it possible to have multiple windows to the same file? I tried the obvious, File -> Open, which just made the existing window the front. I often need to check something at one end of the file while editing the other end so having at least two windows to the same file is very useful.


Posted: 2007-07-06 14:21:30
by scottwhitlock
This is something like the split-pane feature in Word. This has been a frequently requested feature, but is currently not really possible (as far as I know anyway) in NWP. Here's looking to 2.0 (or even 1.5 if NWE was any barometer).


Posted: 2007-07-07 05:30:11
by Derick
Another alternative might be what WP calls a "quickmark" - I had posted on this in the beta forum shortly before it was archived...

Posted: 2007-07-01 07:23:00 Post subject: Feature request: quickmark / non-selected bookmark
It would be great to be able to add a 'quickmark' - a non-selected bookmark with a single keystroke / return to it with a single keystroke. In WP you can also set it to set the quickmark on file save and move to it on reopening a file.

Described here: ... ument.html

Posted: 2007-07-08 22:45:16
by mountainman
In the Nisus Writer Pro Macros forum I posted a little macro that I use for this purpose. It does set a bookmark, but when you return to the place where you were, it is removed. I think it's under the topic "bookmarking with macros," or something like that.

Posted: 2007-07-09 10:02:37
by Derick
Thanks mountainman - that macro works great.