Congratulations on NWP1. Now a new icon....

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Congratulations on NWP1. Now a new icon....

Post by mirko »

I am really impressed with the new Pro edition. This one will be a resident of my dock. 8)

Only the icon.....

I replaced it with the Express version. I can see that that was so good that making a similar but different one only could result in a lesser one. Still is a pity though.

But again, the app itself is absolutely great, and I am impressed with the speed with which it lauches on my MacBook Pro!

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Post by ptram »

I, too, find the original icon a bit inelegant. I found, somewhere, this alternative icon, that to me is much more elegant and meaningful:

Nisus people: please let me know if this is copyrighted material, and I'll immediately remove the file.


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Post by greenmorpher »

I would disagree -- I think the logo is most distinctive and elegant, but my problem with it is that it is too faintly coloured -- I can't see it clearly enough in my dock or on my desktop. I have substituted for it the the much stronger coloured logo I made up from it which you see here as my avatar thingo.

Much easier to see.

ptram, that was the logo originally proposed for Pro, I think. The problem is that it the same basic form as the AppleWorks logo, the Text Edit logo, the ApleScript logo and the PDFpen logo. And the Tables logo is not that much different, either!

I prefer a logo that is really distinctive and recognizable at a glance, particularly in small size.

Cheers, Geoff

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Post by Ryan »

I have to say I think the logo Nisus finally chose for NWP is great. Its shape and color are both distinctive, and it relates to the Express icon (both new and old).

Besides, it looks MIGHTY!

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