Pages and RTF Footnotes...

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Pages and RTF Footnotes...

Post by scottwhitlock »

I'm putting this out here to see if you guys have found a workaround. When you try to open an RTF created in Nisus in Pages, it will completely strip out the footnotes, which is not a good thing to say the least. If I open the RTF in Word and save it as a .doc file, Pages will keep the footnotes and displays them perfectly.

Why can't Pages read RTF's with fidelity? Is there a way around this? I do not like to open Word, hence I use NWP.


(P.S. I would add here that I wouldn't have to open Pages or Word if NWP worked with images a bit better, but that would start a whole new "What is bloat?" argument like in another thread that has been raging on for days now. I would ask those posters to consider that just because they use NWP for a certain thing doesn't mean that it is all that everyone uses it for, and some of us need to create tests every once in a while with three or four graphics (without NWP completely choking on our document), and we don't necessarily want to open (or learn) InDesign to do it, especially when external programs strip away important text on import).
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Post by joehardy »

Pages has some problems with import/export of RTF, at least compared to Word.
Pages can open a Word document in which I have a table of contents and it preserves everything (using Pages import for Word). It even recognizes comments/track changes from Word (and vice-versa.)
But if you have a Pages document and want to export it in RTF format, things get messed up. I had a syllabus in Pages I wanted to now work on in NWP. I exported to RTF and opened it in NWP. A real mess. Opened it in Word. Not much better.
Perhaps iWork 07 (or 08 or 09, whenever Apple gets around to releasing it) will fix this.
Even in NW Express I did not have problems with RTF between Word and NWE.
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Re: Pages and RTF Footnotes...

Post by Brooke6 »

I have the same problem, and am just posting more information.

If you try saving the *.rtf file as a *.doc file using NWP, that does not solve the problem: still no footnotes in Pages. That is, apparently it has to be saved as *.doc format in MSWord itself.

In a separate thread, I am trying to find out why Comments made in NWP don't show up in Pages, whether the file is *.doc or *.rtf.


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Re: Pages and RTF Footnotes...

Post by martin »

Saving a file in NWP as ".doc" won't help. Our ".doc" file format has RTF codes inside, thus you will run into the same limitations in Pages' RTF import.

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