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Posted: 2007-07-14 22:00:43
by greenmorpher
A number of us raised this matter during beta testing and it still needs to be fixed. It is hangover from Express.

To illustrate the situation, I am talking about working in English, conventional left-right.

In Style Sheet View double click one of the little indent blue marker thingies.

A dialog box will come up giving you the measurements for left indent, first sentence indent and right indent. The measurements are all from the LEFT-HAND EDGE OF THE PAGE.

Set up your measurements for a style, now look at what is recorded in the style sheet.

The Left indent and First line indent are both measured from the LEFT MARGIN and the Right indent is measured from the RIGHT MARGIN.

Now go back to Page View and implement a style with these Left, First line and Right indents.

Now grab the margins and move them in and out.

You will see that the indents remain stable in respect of the margins. They are actually implemented with their positions set with respect to the margins -- NOT the page edges.

And that is correct.

So why do we get the measurements in the dialog boxes referencing the left page edge? These measurements should follow those recorded in the Style Sheet, which reference the appropriate margins, and the actual reference points for the indents, which are the appropriate margins.

Cheers, Geoff

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