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two feature requests and a bug re: Tables

Posted: 2007-07-24 08:42:31
by Derick
1) allow the user to set table cell/row/column heights numerically rather than by dragging -- it makes precise layout and consistency from one table to the next much easier.

2) add the items in the Table menu to a context menu which is active when control-clicking within a table - right now, selecting several table cells then control-clicking just clears the selection. (Actually better context menus application-wide would be great -- I have been jury-rigging on an ad hoc basis them with OnMyCommand, applescript and Nisus macros but it's a less than ideal solution).

3) fix the table selection behavior - if I have my cursor to the left of the text in the left column of a two column table, then shift-click at the right side of the text in the right column , NWP only selects the text in the right column -- I would expect that the text in BOTH columns would be selected (normal behavior when shift-clicking to select is to select everything between the cursor and the point clicked).

Posted: 2007-07-24 11:19:12
by martin
Thanks Derick, all good points.