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Problems with languages and keyboards

Posted: 2007-08-03 15:13:54
by gnoli
Hi, I am trying the beautiful language tools of NWP.
I need to write in ancient (i.e. Polytonic) Greek. Using NWE I set Polytonic Greek based on Greek, and switching in a keyboard layout standard, Greek Polytonic, delivered by Apple, if I remember correctly.
Meanwhile, I acquired a better layout by Linguist Software. Now, if I try to change the keyboard layout associated with Greek Polytonic from Polytonic Greek to GreekLS Classical (the new one), nothing happens. The layout remains always the old one, Greek Polytonic.
I have inactivated Greek Polytonic, but the program "finds" Arabic QWERTY, the first keyboard layout active on my system, and not GreekLS Classical.
What to do?
Thank you very much