Quibbles about the find help in the manual

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Quibbles about the find help in the manual

Post by nelsonbyrne » 2007-08-24 12:59:25

I found a few items in the manual that look wrong.
1) pg 235:
"Enter something into the Replace box
▶ Choose Show Find... from the Find submenu of the menu press † and
type the text you want to replace."

I think you mean something like "the replacement". "The text you want to replace" seems to me to mean the text you want to replace, i.e. the Find box text.

2) pg 236 second line from the bottom:
(clicking Previous starts and the end
of the selection)

I think you mean "at the end" not "and the end".

3) pg 237
"You can search for an expression with different attributes, if the
attributes are applied to a single contiguous literal region at the
start or end of a pattern."

I don't quite understand what you mean.

4) pg 239, below the picture of the PF Find box:
"first looks for an open parenthesis, then the string of characters “part number”
followed by a space and any sequence of one or more digits then a close
parenthesis. "

I think the picture indicates "zero or more" not "one or more".

5) pg 245
"Newline character; an invisible character that displays on your
screen when you press * or *"

where the *s are graphic for shift and return.

On my Mac you get the "Line Separator" character, unicode 0x2028 (which is what I think you're talking about" by pressing shift and return.

The PF string that this calls up is
which does not find this character at all.


Nelson Byrne

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