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Author:  K-9 [ 2007-08-27 12:46:49 ]
Post subject:  help please

i tried to save the pdf of the manual and it accidentally went into a resources folder. I cannot find it anywhere? does anyone have a clue where I can get it from? I realize I can do it again; but I would like to retireve the said file.

Author:  Groucho [ 2007-08-27 13:31:41 ]
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Open "Resources" folder, digit "help" (or whatever you called that file) in the search box and wait a bit.

Author:  K-9 [ 2007-08-27 14:02:34 ]
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the problem is I do not see or know where this resources folder is.... I looked and searched all over. any more info would be greatly appreciated.

Author:  ssampler [ 2007-08-27 14:29:39 ]
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Open adobe reader, click on the 'recent files' menu item in the Files menu. You should find your copy there; cmd-click on the title (has the pdf icon) and you will see the folder where you saved the file; move your pointer to it, and you will be in that folder; now move the copy to wherever you want.

another way, perhaps: start to save the manual again with "save a copy" and this may locate the folder for you.


Author:  K-9 [ 2007-08-27 14:50:15 ]
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SSampler - I did but it just shsows the resource folder next to the pdf name and when I command click it just opens. It does not show or tell me just where this resources folder is located. Weird eh?

Author:  ssampler [ 2007-08-27 14:53:51 ]
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cmd-click and hold--you should see the entire 'path'--the original folder, and all the enclosing folders. the original guide is within the nisus application itself--actually a package, a special kind of folder. you open it up by control-clicking on the app and selecting the 'show package contents' item. the original manual is within 'resources' folder inside a 'contents' folder. probably your copy is there too.

Author:  scottwhitlock [ 2007-08-27 14:56:54 ]
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I'm assuming that it saved it in the Resources folder insider the Nisus Writer Pro application.

Right click the NWP icon in your Applications folder. You should see "Show Package Contents." A new window will open. You will see a Contents folder. Inside that folder will be the Resources folder.

Inside the Resources folder is a file called "help.pdf". This is the pdf of the manual, and probably what you saved to.

Hope this helps,


Author:  K-9 [ 2007-08-27 15:03:28 ]
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Scott!!!!!! Yes - that is it! I never knew I could get into the app icon like that and to open the packages as such. I saw it in with a mix of the other data when I did a search but could not figure out where it was and how to get into it. I learned a lot today from your help! Thank you so very much!!!!

I figured it was an Application resource folder but had not clue how to get to it.

Many, Many thanks!

I removed it and then I also put it in the trash and the help pdf did open so this was another version eating 72 MB or so of space. Thank you again.

I hesiate to tweak too much in the innards of the apps and OS.


Author:  scottwhitlock [ 2007-08-27 15:05:05 ]
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No problem. Glad I could be of 'help..' ;)


Author:  K-9 [ 2007-08-27 15:06:31 ]
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Thank you again!!!

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