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Vertical Text Alignment - Is it There?

Posted: 2007-08-30 00:49:20
by torchydt

I'm a (reluctant) Word user and want to move to NWP. I have been trying the demo and it seems to cover all I want with one exception - but maybe I'm missing this, hence this post.

I have to produce documents split into sections. Each section has a "section sheet" as an intro (e.g. "Section One - Summary", "Section Two - Proposal" and so on). This single line of text needs to be centred both vertically and horizontally on the page with nothing else.

The horizontal is easy. I see no automatic way of doing the vertical alignment. In Word you can define the vertical alignment for a section, so I simply have each of these pages as their own section with this option selected.

Is there an easy way to do this in NWP? I know it seems picky, but I need the absolute consistency that this provides, rather than having to put lots of para returns or the like in manually.

Thanks for any help.


Posted: 2007-08-30 12:04:45
by TommyW
Could a default header for that section do that? By including X numbers of paragraph returns?

Not what you asked but perhaps it'd work.

That or a macro, but that's beyond me at this point in my NWPro learning curve...

Posted: 2007-08-30 13:50:03
by martin
Probably the best way to accomplish this is to create a table with a single cell and no borders. Set the horizontal/vertical alignment to center and stretch the cell to be size of the page.

Posted: 2007-08-30 21:24:42
by torchydt
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try. It also occurred to me that I might be able to create a paragraph style with the 'space before' set to half the page drop. I'll give that a try too.