Find footnote numerals

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Find footnote numerals

Post by Brooke6 » 2007-08-30 07:33:52

Is there any way to "Find" footnote numerals? They are not "digits," or "characters," or "text," or anything.

How can footnote numerals be made the target of a Find?


Edit: It will be fine if footnote numerals are even _included_ in the results of a Find. For example, if they were included in the set of "digits" or of "any text" that would be fine (they aren't). Thanks again.

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Post by martin » 2007-08-30 13:55:19

At this point there is no way to find a footnote reference using the find directly. They are intentionally excluded from normal searches. In the future we may have a way to include/find them.

As for what you can do now to work around the deficiency:

1. To find the next reference use the following macro:

Code: Select all

Select Next Note Reference
2. To find all references select a single reference in the document. Then click the Character Style Tag (the blue boxed "a" icon at the bottom of every document window) and choose the menu "Select All".

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