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Table style

Post by haver »

As a teacher, I have to create work sheet with some space to write down the answers. I usually make an empty table after each question where they can write their answers. I erase the line on each side to give the impression that these are lines to write on.

Now here is my question: is it possible to make a table style so that I dont have to do all the table formating manually?

Thank you for your help.

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Post by GBeurlen »

I am afraid you may not. But you can create a glossary entry: in a NW Pro document, do the table formatting you want, select and copy it. Open the Preference --> QuickFix dialog where you may create a new Glossary. Paste the formatted table into it and assign an expanding key.


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Post by scottwhitlock »

The glossary is so powerful (as this example shows). Too bad it gets almost no mention in the manual.

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