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QuickFix too intrusive?

Posted: 2007-09-06 04:34:52
by Groucho
I typed the following in Find window (Normal Find):
.... (four periods)
and NWP changed it into:
…. (ellipsis + period).
I had to go to Preferences > QuickFix and disable Fix Typos for a while to keep it from getting in the way. Not a real bother, a bit funny.
Misspelled words are not fixed, though.

Posted: 2007-09-06 13:40:21
by martin
Yeah, we've realized that QuickFix isn't something people want in the Find & Replace window. It will be disabled there for a future version of NWP.

Posted: 2007-09-07 04:49:54
by Groucho
Thanks in the name of the many, Martin.

Posted: 2007-09-07 14:43:45
by greenmorpher

It would be much smarter if triggers alternative to the space after the abbreviation could be offered.

I haven't used Quickfix -- I have been using TypeIt4Me since the beginning of time (it feels like) which has the advantage of working in all the applications I use.

TypeIt4Me is excellent in reqard to triggers -- you can set any, some or all of a large number of key alternatives to trigger expansion and have that character included on the page or not included.

In NW, though, I would think it much smarter to not use a single trigger such as a space after the abbreviation because the keyboard shortcuts are available -- as must be used in Asian languages without spaces. I would think it would be much smarter to set the glossaries to work only with keyboard shortcuts. That would require no more effort by the user to remember and type in the abbreviation/trigger.

The further advantage of relying on keyboard shortcuts is that you wouldn't have to turn turn on or turn off the glossaries -- you would leave them on all the time and trigger them when you wanted them.

Cheers, Geoff

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Posted: 2007-09-07 16:06:29
by martin
greenmorpher wrote:It would be much smarter if triggers alternative to the space after the abbreviation could be offered.
We do have the menu Edit > Expand Glossary which can of course be assigned a keyboard shortcut. It will expand all abbreviations in the currently selected text, or if there is no text selected, then the abbreviation just behind the caret.

In the forthcoming update where QuickFix "as you type" will be disabled in the Find window, you will still be able to use this menu selectively.