Nisus create documents that MS Word can read and edit?

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Nisus create documents that MS Word can read and edit?


:P Dear Nisus People,

I just have a few questions about Nisus Writer, before I decide you
are the best available solution to creating documents in Microsoft
Word on a MacBook.

I am a freelance business writer based in Brittany, France.
I write principally for online business media in the US.
My clients REQUIRE me to submit my stories in
Microsoft Word as an attachment to e-mail.

:?: If I use Nisus Writer Pro or Nisus Writer Express
on a MacBook, will I be able to submit documents
that my clients in the US can
read and edit in Microsoft Word?

That is the critical question.

I understand that if I buy a MacBook now, it will
come with a trial version of Microsoft Office, that
I must buy if I want to keep using it after the
trial is over. For me, that is overkill.

I do 90% of my work in MS Word and maybe
another 5% in MS Excel. For me, the rest of
MS Office is pretty much dead weight.

Thank you!
REG CROWDER, Business Writer

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Post by Elbrecht »

Not used to Office -

but you have to buy in order to use - for work!
[no Save and watermark with Printing]
just for goofin' around...

That's for a start...

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Post by mrennie »


the Word documents that you create in NWE/NWP can be opened and edited in Microsoft Word. If your work involves only text and no fancy pictures, then you should definitely give the Nisus products a try. Why not download the trial version of NWE or NWP and see for yourself?

Also, what do you mean by "read and edit"? If your editors simply replace and change text, then you're alright; however, NWE/NWP does not support tracked changes or comments like Word does. If you need that functionality, you might be better off with Pages '08.

Lastly, about the Office Test Drive that comes with every new Mac: it offers limited functionality compared to the full version (watermark, no printing and constant reminders telling you to buy the full version), and it expires after 30 days. You will then need to uninstall it, buy a full version of Office and install that one if you intend to keep on using the applications. However, if you also need a simple Excel replacement, iWork '08 might definitely be a software package to consider; I use it alongside NWP (and Microsoft Office 2004), and they all work together quite well.

Hope this helps.

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Post by shades »

I receive files from Win Word 2000-2003, and send using NWP files saved as .doc. So far I have not had any problems. Sometimes if there graphics, it can be a challenge.
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