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Nisus Writer Pro 1.0.1 released!

Posted: 2007-09-14 00:46:42
by martin
Nisus Writer Pro 1.0.1 has been officially released now. You can read all about the changes in the release notes.

For those of you who already have Nisus Writer Pro 1.0 installed, download the update.

If you do not have Nisus Writer Pro 1.0, download the full trial version.

margin changes by accident

Posted: 2007-09-15 04:24:45
by thf
wow. nice update! great work.

:arrow: here is one "mini" request for the next update: i really dislike the "feature" that i can change margins in "page layout". Often when i grab text to copy it to another file i change accidently the margins of the first text because instead of grabbing the text I am pulling the left margin. That's a little bit frustrading ... you see, i'm not a careful text copier :roll: Maybe it can be changed that way, that the user has to do changes of the margin by grabbing the marker in the ruler and not the main text? I really would appreciate such an update.

Re: margin changes by accident

Posted: 2007-09-15 04:45:35
by Groucho
thf wrote:I really would appreciate such an update.
I would not. I like that "feature."
By the way, why do not you switch to draft view when copying text?
Cheers, Henry.

Re: margin changes by accident

Posted: 2007-09-15 05:27:06
by thf
Groucho wrote: By the way, why do not you switch to draft view when copying text?
Hm, switching views to copy text -- sounds very micosoftish? "view/layout vs. copy text"? I don't think that both should have something to do with another.

To give an example why your idea isn't quite good. Half of the time i copy footnotes. Guess what happens if you like to see a footnote in draft view :?: It changes to layout view. :idea:

But, alas: what is so great about doing it that way you like? Where is the pro argument? And what's the big disadvantage about changing it with pulling the rulers?


Posted: 2007-09-15 10:55:20
by foobar
I agree with thf, it would be great to have the ability to disable margin-dragging in page view. I constantly have to undo accidental margin changes when I was trying to select text. Changing margins is something you only want to do occasionally, so it'd be fine to make it less accessible.

Posted: 2007-09-15 12:25:35
by Groucho
It is my opinion that, what with left and right indents, outdents and tab marks, the ruler is already, though gracefully, crowded as it is.
Word, a microsoftish app, allowed you to set margins by dragging marks along the rulers, as far as I remember (I haven't been using it for long), but I remember also I would always mess up things (and wish Mr. Gates's poor existence an unpleasant sudden ending) each time I tried to grasp the tab mark when it matched the right margin (when I aligned page number with the right margin in odd pages, for instance.) Moreover, to set horizontal margins a vertical ruler would be required, which NWP doesn't so far have.
On the other hand, though, I might agree with you about your difficulty and sense of a rather disappointing frustration. So why not to allow the margins to be moved by clicking in a specified area only (typically the middle)?

Posted: 2007-09-15 21:03:01
by greenmorpher
Locking the margins so that you can't accidentally pick them up and drag them when working on a document is so simple and obvious I can't see anyone would object to it. I asked for that some time back for the obvious reason that if you have a document formatted, it shouldn't accidentally change when you are working on it.

It would be very easy to implement -- they simply apply to it the same test that they apply to any other change in the document. If you want to change the margins/columns you have to go to the margins/columns palette. You have to go to the font pale4tte (or menu) to change the font or the style palette (or menu) to change the style, so why not set it so you have to go to the margins palette to change margins/columns?

The current set up is not what I would call professional. Margins and columns are the foundations of the appearance of a document. Leaving them unlocked so they can be changed by a click just a pixel or two away from target by someone who is/should be concentrating on the content is not good practice.

Likewise tables. We need to be able to lock them down with measurements so that we can't accidentally pull them out of shape when we're focussing on content too.

Cheers, Geoff

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