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Macro Menu missing 'Create Word List'

Posted: 2007-09-15 23:38:07
by Ian Brumell
The Subject says it all. Maybe I'm missing something in my v1.0 Nisus Writer Pro, but the Macro Menu does not have Create Word List v3 or Analyze Text (v1) as outlined on Page 216 of the Acrobat Help PDF.

Any thoughts? :?

Posted: 2007-09-16 01:20:30
by mrennie
I'm not sure why they went missing, but they should normally be in ~/Library/Application Support/Nisus Writer/Macros. However, Martin (one of the Nisus guys) has posted all the original macros on the website; just click here to download the zip file, unzip it and replace the Macro folder in the location I've just mentioned with the one that's just been unzipped.

Re: Macro Menu missing 'Create Word List'

Posted: 2007-09-16 04:34:25
by Ian Brumell
mrennie's solution worked jusy fine. Thanks. :P