new doc screen size & tool drawer view

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new doc screen size & tool drawer view

Post by ncdobson » 2007-09-21 07:14:21

My new docs now open in a reduced size on the screen, & I have to resize them to fit the whole thing. Sometimes (I think) that they open w/ the Tooldrawer set at Table palette. How can I make sure that new docs open fit to screen size & w/ the Formatting palette showing?


Nick D.

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Post by K-9 » 2007-09-21 07:19:28

mrennie told me:
There is. Whenever you open Nisus Writer Pro, it creates a new document based on the Nisus New File template. If you change that template file, every document you create from that moment on will include these modifications as well. In NWP, click on Nisus Writer Pro in the menu bar, then on Preferences. Click on the New File icon, then on the Advanced tab. Click on the Edit Nisus New File button, then resize and drag the new document to where you want it to appear. When you're done, click on File>Save, and you're done.
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Post by greenmorpher » 2007-09-21 14:40:23

Hi ncdobson

Set the position and window size then save your document as Nisus New (document template format) to User/Library/Application Support/Nisus Writer. (Can that be computer/Library/Application Support/Nisus Writer? I don't know. Anyway, wherever the Application Support folder is with Nisus Writer in it.)

The new file which opens from that will open on your screen and at the size the document was which you saved.

If you have the tooldrawer open when you save, it will be open when the new file launches.

BUT -- the palettes open in the tooldrawer are always the palettes you were using when you you close quite NW, not the palettes open when you saved your .dot file.

Yes, I agree with you -- I would like my new file to always open with my most use palette set in the toolbar, the one that was open when I saved the Nisus New File.

I would also like my saved files to open with the tooldrawer setting they were closed with.

That makes more sense to me. It doesn't happen, and in reality, it is only a click to correct it. Still, if a future update or upgrade could include that change, I would be happy to see it.

Cheers, Geoff

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