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Convert curly quotes to straight quotes

Posted: 2007-09-28 21:23:00
by ralph strauch
This command doesn't work for me. It has no effect. I've turned off "Smart Punctuation" in the quickfix preference and it has no effect. I still get curly quotes when I type a quote.

Posted: 2007-09-28 22:26:12
by mrennie
Curly quotes are language-specific; this means that if you've turned them off for one particular language type, such as US English, they will still show up in UK English and so on. Go to the Quick Fix Preferences and uncheck the box for all the languages you intend to use.

As for why the Convert command doesn't work: have you made sure to select some text before applying that command? There has to be a selection for that command to work; if you merely insert the cursor somewhere in your document, it will not work.

Hope this helps!

Posted: 2007-09-29 08:53:41
by ralph strauch
My mistake. Nisus is handling the quotes correctly, but I was working in Palatino which seems to display both normal and curly quotes identically, so I wasn't seeing the change.