find\replace 'captured' problem

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find\replace 'captured' problem

Post by Ruchama » 2007-10-02 06:33:24

I am moving from NWE to NWP, trying to 'convert' find/replace saved expressions. Due to earlier translations problems from NW6 to NWE, I had to construct the following find/replace expressions, to switch direction for numbers in written in hebrew files:

NWE find expression: ([0-9])([0-9])?([0-9])?([0-9])?([0-9])?
to find any sequence of digits (max length of 5)

NWE replace expression: \5\4\3\2\1

for some reason, in NWP the replace expression results in "\5\4\3\2\1 " and not in the actual captured numbers.
example: number 87654 should be replaced with 45678 but it is replaces with \5\4\3\2\1.

I tried also with the new "captured" option, same result.

what am I doing wrong?

thanks in advance.

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Post by martin » 2007-10-02 13:22:35

There's nothing wrong with your expressions as far as I can see. Are you sure you're in PowerFind Pro mode? I suppose you'd have to be, otherwise you wouldn't match any numbers to begin with.

Can you please send in a feedback report with:

1. a screenshot that shows the Find & Replace window.
2. the document you are working on.

That would help us diagnose the problem.

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problem disappeared

Post by Ruchama » 2007-10-02 21:00:10

I can not understand what happened. suddenly it started to work, both in the powerfind option and in the powerfind pro. maybe it had to do with the fact that the expressions were saved with NWE? when clearing everything and re-typing them something 'put them to order..'.

strange, but thanks anyway.

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