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I'm not sure how I've done it, but I seem to have two different types of smart quotes in a document. Actually, this has been happening for a long time, but I've only just decided it's bothering me enough to complain about it.

I notice it when I do a global find and replace. I use "double" quotes, but most journals use 'single' quotes. I always use smart quotes, at least I think I do... Yep, turned on in all the languages I use.

Now, when I do this global change, I often find that not all the quotes have changed. I've just checked this out, since it's just happened, and I see that while most of my quotes are U+201D, some are U+0022. And I expect the same for the closing quote, and now that I think about it I wonder if I haven't also had a similar problem for single quotes.

Why, please? I do nothing different, all my smart quotes are created by pushing shift-'. Why am I getting two different unicode characters?

2007-10-02 08:25:48

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Ok, a little more investigation shows that the U+0022 is not smart, just looks like one in Palatino. But that still doesn't answer my question, why do I sometimes get a smart quote and sometimes a stupid (?) one?

2007-10-02 08:29:12
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Yes, as you've discovered some fonts (Palatino) will display straight quotes (U+0022) as a smart quote, even though the underlying character code is not altered.

If you do have smart quotes enabled for all languages you use then normal typing should always enter curly quote characters. However, this doesn't affect text you paste or open from other sources, eg: the web, email, existing documents, etc. The quote characters from those sources are preserved as they are.

2007-10-02 13:29:25
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Yes, but I'm am 99% sure that in the case I've cited, the quotes were both entered by me, typing on the keyboard. I wrote this sentence:

Parkin’s article begins with some thoughtful reflections on the nature of art, leading him to Islamic art and finally to how the differences between Muslim (“local") and Christian (“mainlander”) artistic styles in Zanzibar both express and are expressed by the different religious traditions of the artists and their milieux.

As you can see in this font (at least, I can see it, perhaps you're using Palatino :) ), the two closing quotes in this sentence are not the same. I didn't do anything at all to any settings as I typed - why would I? - and yet the two are not the same. It's vaguely possible I might have changed fonts or something like that (although not very likely, but I do prefer to type in Palatino and print in Baskerville), but why would the quotes then switch back again to smart?

I'm always prepared to admit that I did something, but it seems so very unlikely that I made a change in the middle of typing the word "local" and then reversed the change two words later...

2007-10-03 00:22:58
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