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Switching from NeoOffice to NWP... 
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Hello all.

I've been playing around with my NWP demo for a few days now, and it seems to do exactly what I want a word processor to do. I have been using NeoOffice for the last year or so, and while it's an excellent package, it's getting far too clunky and unwieldy for me lately.

My only worry is that I have a lot of files I've created in NeoOffice which I will now need to work on in NWP. I know I can simply convert them to .rtf or .doc format in NeoOffice and then open them in NWP, one by one, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any easy way to batch convert a large number of .odt files to .rtf or .doc?

Bit of a long shot I know, and not strictly speaking a NWP issue at all, but I wondered if anyone else around here has come to NWP in the same way I have and might know a quick trick.


2007-10-04 05:13:53

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Howdy and welcome to the world of Nisus.

Perhaps the best way would be using AppleScript to change the file extensions in a directory. A google search should turn up some code for you.

(BTW, I am also shades on this board, but posted with this handle.)

2007-10-04 18:16:04

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Thanks exegete77.

But will changing file extensions actually be a conversion?

2007-10-05 03:47:14

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Kappa wrote:
But will changing file extensions actually be a conversion?

I doubt that. AFAIK there has to be more things involved to be able to transform a file from one format to another.

I believe that you have to open the files and one way or another save them into another file format. Just changing the the suffix (file extension) of the file, will not solve the problem.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Peter Edwardsson

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2007-10-05 06:10:31

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Why don't you have a look at Media Convert ( It's free.
Good luck, Henry.


2007-10-05 12:14:47
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Peter is correct, changing a file extension never changes the contents of the file itself. Also, unless you know what you're doing, changing a file's extension is not a good idea.

I don't know what kind of AppleScript functionality NeoOffice/OpenOffice provide, but if it's enough, perhaps one could write an Automator workflow to do a batch conversion.

2007-10-05 12:18:29
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Thanks everyone.

Groucho - I don't really trust Media Convert with my files, and in any case, it's as easy to do it myself as it is to browse for each file from their site.

Martin - I'm not really familiar with Apple Script stuff, and I'm afraid that figuring it out might take longer than doing the conversions the slow and tedious way. Which I think is the way I'm going to do it.


2007-10-05 17:42:03
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