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advice nwe vs nw pro 
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I cannot decide if I should upgrade to NWE (which I already use) or to Nisus Writer Pro. These are my needs:

1. Ability to write in many languages, including Arabic
2. Ability to sort and order bibliographies
3. Ability to change formatting of footnotes to endnotes and vice versa
4. Ability to store images in doc files

I cannot think of anything else off-hand, but basically, what does Pro offer that NWE does not? I have read online here, but I cannot really discern the difference, perhaps because I work in French.

Regards and thanks in advance.

2007-10-04 14:07:14
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you should be able to do all you need to do in Nisus Writer Express. Nisus Writer Pro has all the features of Nisus Writer Express, but it also offers the following features, as listed on the "Differences between NWX and NWP" page:

Table of Contents (table de matières)
Bookmarks (signets)
Cross References (renvois)
Attribute Sensitive Find and Replace
Line Numbering (lignes numérotées)
Advanced Note Styles
Advanced Nisus Macros

2007-10-04 21:59:17

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Thank you for that information. I just remembered what I like about the old Nisus is that I could split the screen and see something from one page on the top, and see another section of the document on the bottom. Does Pro does this?

What does attribute senistive mean? And advanced not styles? I read this also but I don't understand what it means precisely.

2007-10-05 02:12:52
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Pro does not (yet?) have the split screen feature, though it would certainly be more than welcome. Perhaps in a future update?

This here is an extract from NWP's feature description:

Attribute Sensitive Search

Increasing the flexibility of our already indispensable PowerFind feature, Nisus Writer Pro lets you Find and Replace in your document based on formatting you've done.

And here's the same thing for advanced note styles:

Enhanced Note Styles

Notes styles in Pro allow greater flexibility in the display of your footnotes and endnotes. Pro also allows footnotes to span multiple pages.

I would strongly recommend clicking on the links in this post; they will take you to pictures of the features that are being discussed, and, as we all know, a picture says more than a thousand words.

Oh, and before I forget: you can also ask your questions in French, in case you don't know how to describe some features in English.

2007-10-05 05:21:47
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