Feature request: Rotated text

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Feature request: Rotated text

Post by dmw »

Any chance we'll see the ability to rotate text in the near future? This is especially useful in tables with long column headings

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Post by rmark »

Rotating text in a table is already on the official "to do" list. However, it's hardly an easy task so it should take some time.
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Post by ptram »

Not a solution, but a trick that might be useful: grab a picture out of the title text by using Shift-Ctrl-Cmd-4, and paste it into a new document in Preview (or a drawing application). Rotate it, and use the above shortcut to grab a new picture. Paste it into a side cell, and it will look like rotated text.


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Post by Elbrecht »

Well -

I definitely would prefer dropping a rotated PDF - we are on OX, aren't we? You can Save as PDF in all apps and Crop and Rotate in Preview - Insert to Nisus Pro then. PDFs are resolution independent, so will print at best anywhere.

BTW rotated text entered in Word gets misplaced in Nisus Pro, too...

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