Cross references and Microsoft Word

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Cross references and Microsoft Word

Post by erostratus » 2007-10-21 22:14:24

Hello all,

I just wanted to see if people were having the same issues as I am. Basically, I can't get cross references to truly work with Microsoft Word.

First, I can create a document with NWP in RTF or DOC format, add footnotes, then add cross references to previous footnotes. I do this for any legal document I'm working on. Works great. I can then open the document in Word, and the footnotes are correctly formatted, including the cross reference's proper reference to previous footnotes. Let's say, in footnote #6, I wrote <i>See fn #1</i>, and the "1" is a cross reference to footnote #1, this will properly display in MS Word. The character, "1," however, is the actual character, not the footnote reference, so if my footnote #1 ends up being footnote #3 after I make more changes to the document, the cross references don't update, as they are no longer cross references. This certainly makes it impossible to share my documents with other writers.

Second, if I import a document from Microsoft Word that contains cross references, they are simply missing in NWP.

Has anyone else experienced this, and will it change?


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Post by martin » 2007-10-23 14:03:04

Hi Matt,

I tried to reproduce the problem where cross-references to footnote numbers are lost when opened in Word and did not have any luck. Of course, in Word one must explicitly update the cross-references (right-click the cross-reference and choose the update menu). If you have a file that indeed loses the cross-referneces, please send it in using the menu Help > Send Feedback.

As for cross-references not being imported properly from Word files: I'm sorry to say that is a limitation of our .doc file importer. If you save the file using Word as an RTF you should have no problems. I hope that helps somewhat.

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