Feature request: Non-Modal Power Find Browser

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Bob Stern
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Feature request: Non-Modal Power Find Browser

Post by Bob Stern » 2007-11-02 13:22:28

After you finish the Leopard compatibility update, I propose the following improvement:

Change the "Power Find Browser" to a "sheet" or "drawer" attached to the Find dialog. It should extend down from the Find dialog, not horizontally, to best fit on the screen. Preferably, its open/closed state should be preserved when the Find dialog is closed and reopened.

The current implementation as a Modal window is obnoxious, especially since there is no way to assign a keystroke to open and close it. It is pointless for the Power Find Browser to remain open after the user closes the Find dialog.

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Post by Derick » 2007-11-20 16:39:24

modal dialogs are excrutiating.

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