Printing NWP documents via Pages

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Printing NWP documents via Pages

Post by GeoffRoynon » 2007-11-19 08:15:51

I have been trying to print documents created in NWP using Pages but headings and footers don't seem to be carried over. I've tried saving the documents in various formats but none of them seem to work. Using NeoOffice is better as the headings carry over but the font gets changed by NeoOffice.
The reason for wanting to do this is that NWP (and NWE) create thousands of messages in the System and Console log for each page printed - I did a test today and copied the messages from the Console log into a BBEdit document and applied line numbers and there are 2656 lines of error messages for one page printed.
Printer is a Canon iP4500 (with the latest drivers) - also happened with my previous Canon i850. There's a thread about this in the Nisus Writer Express forum list.

I am now looking at moving my documents over to Pages as I become more used to using it.

Anyone else with a Canon printer having similar problems?
Geoff Roynon
Mac Pro 2.66MHz, MacOS X 10.8.1
NW Pro 2.0.4

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Post by martin » 2007-11-19 16:05:21

The log file messages don't appear to be triggered by any one printer manufacturer. In fact, simply saving a Nisus document as a PDF can cause the log statements to appear.

Unfortunately the log messages are not printed directly by Nisus and there's no easy way for us to figure out what is causing them. We may still arrive at a solution at some point, but for now there's nothing we can advise, sorry.

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