Setting Styles based on attributes

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Simon Knight
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Setting Styles based on attributes

Post by Simon Knight » 2007-11-21 04:55:06

Hi All,
I have just started to use Scrivener to put my document/s together and I am looking for a Wp to act as the application to "publish" the final copy, with headers and footers page numbers etc.

The documents I am writing are computer test scripts and have three or four "style" types e.g. Step heading is font X, Margin Y, Bold. When I import the RTF document into Nisus it retains the standard text attributes but has no Nisus type styles, as Mac RTF has no concept of Wp styles. Is there a method of selecting all the text in a Nisus document that shares the same attributes of font, size, weight, left margin, tab stop and apply a Nisus style to it, or even better create and applies a Nisus style to it?

Is anyone else using the "Scrivener -> Nisus workflow", do you have any tips?

best wishes

Simon Knight

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Post by Groucho » 2007-11-21 13:00:32

Select the text you want to create a style out of. Go to Insert > New Style > Based on Selection. Give the style a name.
You can change attributes whenever you like through the Style Sheet (click the third tab on the upper left corner, the one with four colored squares in it, to access the Style Sheet). You will see all the styles on the left pane and attributes on the center one. Change attributes by selecting them on the drawer. It takes a couple of minutes to learn the ropes.
To select all the text with the same attributes, select a sample of it (a single character will do) and click on the small "a" that appears on the lower right then click on Select All. This will select all contiguous and non-contiguous text with the same character attributes in the document. To select all of the text with same ruler attributes click on the small ruler that appears right beside the "a".
But maybe you have already found the way by yourself… :)


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Post by feat » 2007-11-22 07:43:47

While we're talking about character styles, shouldn't there be a default one, based on the default paragraph style?

I'm asking this because c-styles cannot be based on p-styles...

Or perhaps I'm missing something?

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Post by martin » 2007-11-26 12:38:52

You are correct that character styles cannot be based on paragraph styles. However, if you like you can set your default paragraph style (eg: Normal) to be based on a character style of your choosing. Most of the time I don't know why this step would be necessary, since you can apply character attributes (eg: font, color, etc) to paragraph styles directly.

Simon Knight
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Post by Simon Knight » 2007-11-27 00:22:58

Hi All,

Thanks for the detailed response - I am geting to like Nisus and think that it meets my needs.


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